Looking to start up a business? Go West!

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has published its 2010 Communities in Boom (PDF) top entrepreneurial cities rankings, and nine of the top 10 cities are in Western Canada.

Grande Prairie, Alberta gets the nod based on its business presence, considering its net business start-ups, businesses per capita, self-employment intensity and industry employment diversity. Lloydminster, the border town that straddles Alberta and Saskatchewan, placed second, and Saskatchewan’s most populous city, Saskatoon, placed third.

But if you’re doing a tech startup, you’re not likely to head to Grand Prairie or Lloydminster to start up. You’re likely to stick to a major metropolis.

Edmonton was the highest ranked major Canadian city at 6th. After Edmonton, Calgary was the highest-ranking major Canadian city, placing 13th, with Regina behind in 14th. Hamilton is 58th, Winnipeg is 66th, and Halifax is 89th.

Somewhat confusingly, some major cities were split between the city’s core and its surrounding region. In Ontario’s first appearance on the list, Toronto GTA, which excludes the city of Toronto, placed 20th, while Toronto proper ranked 93rd of 100.

Montreal MUC is 37th, while Montreal is 79th. Ottawa is 73rd and Gatineau is 80th. Vancouver GVRD – excluding the city of Vancouver – was 74th, and Vancouver proper is 88th.