Lose your smartphone? Don’t worry if you’re with Rogers

brokeYesterday Rogers announced a new program called Handset Protection Guarantee.  It allows customers with an eligible lost, stolen or broken device to receive a zero cost (it seems they never like using the word “free”) or subsidized replacement device.  

In the event of a broken device, you can choose to take advantage of a discount toward a replacement device or Rogers will assess the damage, provide a subsidized quote and repair the device within 10 business days. Replacement options will include both refurbished and new devices including $0 options.

Personally, this program is welcomed if not a little late coming.  So far, I’ve lost 2 smartphones and have felt totally lost, disconnected and naked without my seemingly only way of communicating with the rest of humanity.  But now I feel secure that if my ADD kicks in again, Rogers will be there to help me.

What do you think of this program?  Or is BCAA’s mobile device insurance better?