LoyaltyMatch partners with PlanetEye

Waterloo-based LoyaltyMatch.com and Toronto’s PlanetEye announced today that they have joined forces to better serve their members. Visitors to PlanetEye will be able to link directly to LoyaltyMatch.com where they can convert frequent flier and other loyalty program points to cash to help pay for the trip they are planning. And with a click of their mouse LoyaltyMatch.com members will now have access to the extensive destinations guides, trip-planning tools and location reviews from around the world that are available at PlanetEye.

Brad Ball, president and ceo of LoyaltyMatch Inc. said, “PlanetEye and LoyaltyMatch.com are places that people go to search and discover new and exciting things. Both companies are committed to providing their members with the best possible experience when they visit the web sites. A partnership seemed the natural thing to do.”

“Our primary purpose is to help people discover exciting destinations and make plans to visit them,” said Butch Langlois, PlanetEye president and ceo. “This partnership with LoyaltyMatch.com is another way that we can assist our members by helping them find cash to pay for those visits or merchandise they need for their trip.”

LoyaltyMatch.com is a person-to-person global marketplace that facilitates the conversion of frequent flier miles and other loyalty program member points into cash or merchandise. LoyaltyMatch.com collaborates with 180 loyalty programs and have created a community around the trading, buying or selling of merchandise by leveraging their loyalty program points.

PlanetEye is a one-stop destination for all your travel planning needs. Featuring a powerful planning tool; geotagged photographs; mapping technology and extensive content, PlanetEye is designed for travelers who want a new way to explore where to go and what to do.