LPV5 Startup Contest Winners Announced

The folks over at Bootup Labs have counted the votes and the results are in. The esteemed panel of VC judges has tagged Clarity Accounting as the “Startup Most Likely to Succeed” and they’ve been awarded the $1,000 cash prize, courtesy of Bootup Labs. One can only assume that they’re using their own accounting solution and it will help them properly allocate their incoming prize money.

The People’s choice award went to Urbantastic who ranked a 3.82 out of 5 stars according to the Strutta-powered video voting site. The guys from Urbantastic went after the voter funnybone with their well-produced and charming video. The victory gives the Urbantastic founders something to add to their own event calendar – box seats to an upcoming Vancouver Giants game, courtesy of Fasken Matineau.