LPV9 pre-coverage: An interview with Ben Nevile from Mainsocial

This is the first post in a series dedicated to covering the entries at Launch Party Vancouver 9. Today, I talk with Ben Nevile of Mainsocial.

KT: What does Mainsocial do?

BN: We study and build social software. We do some client work, and also manage a small stable of our own applications, most of which are Facebook-based. We’re going to be highlighting two new products that are extractions from other projects:

1. yaaboo.me is a self-moderating chat wall that’s embeddable onto any web page. It’s really good for creating a core community around a product, communicating with users, and encouraging them to take certain types of actions on your site.

2. stats.sportsbutter.com is the crowdsourced stats engine that powers the SportsButter Hockey Pool and other sports apps. We’re launching an API that will allow anyone to access the real-time sports data.

KT: I watched your “best promo vid ever” on LPV’s site. Very… economical. What does the video say about your company’s personality or style?

BN: Good question. We’re involved with Launch Party because we want to meet people doing interesting things, and to get some critical feedback on our products and ideas. We’d actually be more excited about Launch Party if there weren’t a competition involved. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about what that says about our personality or style!

After Launch Party, Mainsocial is a busy bee, says Ben. “Our most immediate work involves adding a new revenue stream to one of our busiest products,” he notes, but that’s not all: “This summer we’re really excited to be working on [a] new [Facebook and] mobile game, whose working title is “Intuition”.  Then, for the fall, we’re rolling out a new version of Hockey Pool, our most popular app, that will incorporate white label Facebook Page integration, as well as allow it to compete more directly with existing pool manager software.”

Ben has a good grasp on his startup, and is optimistic about startups in Vancouver. While he’s a little hesitant to answer what is, perhaps, a vague question, Ben does have a couple of opinions: “I think it’s never been easier to create a successful startup business, and I believe there’s frequently an inverse relationship between financial support and the long-term viability of the startup,” he says.

Some food for thought, if anything! Looking forward to seeing Ben and his Mainsocial crew at LPV9, and good luck to them.