LPV9 pre-coverage: An interview with Rick Perreault from Unbounce

This is the second post in a series dedicated to covering the entries at Launch Party Vancouver 9. Today, I talk with Rick Perreault, Co-Founder and CEO of Unbounce.

Rick, the impassioned CEO of Unbounce, has made internet marketers’ dreams come true.

“Unbounce helps companies generate more revenue from online advertising by providing marketers the means to create and test landing pages without having to rely on IT or web developers,” Rick said in a recent interview with Techvibes. “When we had the idea for Unbounce, we sampled over 1000 Internet ads across leading industry verticals and found that only 21% of these ads pointed to a custom landing page. A surprising number of marketers point paid ad traffic to their company homepage.” 

But that’s not the best idea for marketers, suggests Rick. “A typical company homepage has multiple messages and lots of links to click, leading to confusion for the visitor and results in very low conversions,” he observes. “An effective landing page on the other hand has one clear message and one call-to-action—either a link to click, a form to fill, or a number to call, and results in significantly high conversions, that is, more leads, more sales.”

And this isn’t just opinion; Rick and his team worked hard in the research stage. “We interviewed dozens of marketers working in small and mid-market companies, and while the majority understood the benefits of using landing pages, most said they didn’t use them (or didn’t use them all the time) because of the time and cost challenges of working with technical people to get them made – and even fewer tested their marketing message. With Unbounce,” he remarks, “a marketer responsible for online advertising can easily setup custom landing pages and test different versions to see which page converts more visitors into leads and customers, all without ever having to bug their IT department.”

Rick jumps on the notion that his team is passionate and enthusiastic when it’s brought up. “Absolutely!” he agrees wholeheartedly. “You wouldn’t survive long in a startup (long hours, low pay) if you don’t have passion for what you do, and truly believe in the journey that you are on, so picking the right people is really important. And if you have the right people, their passion and enthusiasm will shine through everything you do.” It’s demonstrated well in their LPV video, where every member of the team is confident in what their startup can accomplish.



KT: How do you feel about Vancouver’s startup ecosystem? Is there enough viable support?

RP: I don’t think there’s much of an “ecosystem” here in Vancouver, especially for web-based startups. While groups like Bootup Labs are doing an amazing job at raising awareness, educating investors and helping seed stage startups, more support is needed from the local investment and tech community so that startups can stay in Vancouver and contribute to B.C’s growing tech industry rather than head south of the border. Hopefully events like LPV and Grow2010 Conference in August are the first steps in getting a homegrown ecosystem that can support local entrepreneurs from seed stage to competing nationally and globally.

KT: What’s in store for Unbounce post-Party?

RP: We’ve reached a point where we know that Unbounce solves a real pain, and that there is a market willing to pay for our pain relief, so our focus is now on growth. There are a lot of opportunities opening up for Unbounce so it should be a very exciting year.

KT: Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. See you at the Launch!

RP: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.