LPV9 pre-coverage: An interview with Stewart Harper from Breadcrumbs

With the event tomorrow, this is the sixth and final post in a series dedicated to covering the entries at Launch Party Vancouver 9. Last but not least, I talk with Stewart Harper, Co-Founder of Breadcrumbs.

KT: I’ve checked out Breadcrumbs, but some of our readers haven’t. Explain it a little.

SH: Breadcrumbs is a cutting-edge GPS track management application that allows users to visualize (in 3D), edit and share their GPS data and associated photos/videos.

Our users can log their ski trip, hiking trip or sightseeing trip, upload it to our site with their photos and videos, and send it to all their friends, who can relive the adventure in 3D. This is only the start, as we plan to provide our users with a platform to not only edit and maintain tracks, but also to find new places to explore and interact within a social network.

 KT: Your LPV video demonstrates some neat stuff. How excited is your team about this technology?

SH: Thanks! We are extremely excited. The web is changing at a extraordinary pace at the moment. We are using the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver an optimum experience to our users. We are mashing together many different technologies and we are pretty much the first people out there that use Google Earth in the browser with GPS tracks.

This is all made possible by our team’s diverse skill set, including a huge amount of experience in unusual areas, such as handling of geospatial data and building social network applications. With the upcoming global penetration of smartphones, GPS will be readily available to the mass market, meaning that everyone will be able to log their tracks and will want some way to manage the data. Breadcrumbs plans to be the premier platform for GPS track management.

Breadcrumbs is also excited about being at the forefront of the next stage of the web. We are big advocates of HTML5 and open standards and we will be looking to use these new technologies when they mature.

KT: What’s next for Breadcrumbs after LPV9?

SH: We are currently in the early stages, having released our application about one month ago, and we continue to push great new features every couple of days. We are nearly feature-complete, so we plan to develop our promotional activities in the coming months. Our next big push will be usability: we will be building an integrated help system and redesigning the application to make it more intuitive and simple to use.

Building services for developers is also a key focus of Breadcrumbs. Our aim is to create an open platform, meaning that any personal device with a GPS chip can easily interact with our application. Over the coming months, we are going to be expanding our relationships with developers who will integrate into our API. Currently we only allow to push to Breadcrumbs, but we want to open up nearly all functionality to developers. We hope LPV9 will get us some attention from smartphone developers, as we are keen to work with them.

Beyond that, Breadcrumbs will develop with more integrated social features, to allow users to interact with one another.


KT: Your thoughts on LPV9?

SH: We are looking forward to demoing our application at LPV9 to influential people in the industry. We have already had lots of valuable feedback from talking to other people at tech events and LPV will be a great place to have more discussions.

KT: Do you think there’s there enough viable support for Vancouver’s startup ecosystem?

SH: As a startup we are relatively new to the scene, but so far have found the support to be excellent. There are multiple events going on every week. The ones we have attended have been hugely beneficial, helping us to think in different ways and giving us some great new contacts. As we have an international background, we can say that the startup ecosystem in Vancouver seems much more vibrant than cities in Europe. 

Time will tell if Vancouver has the ecosystem to help take us to the next level.

KT:  Thanks for taking the time to chat. See you at LPV9!