Lunch with Smart People hits the Road

Ph03nix New Media‘s Jon Lam was in town last week and got a chance to sit down with Vancouver venture capitalist Boris Wertz for his 2nd Lunch With Smart People (LWSP).

JL: At such an early age, you’ve already had a lot of accomplishments. AbeBooks is the latest feather in your cap. See article> What’s next in your brilliant future? Maybe talk about some of your portfolio companies and where they’re going.

BW: I think overall what I really want to do is help consumer internet companies in BC and Alberta develop faster and better, and hopefully help build a few big companies in this region. So, we’re focusing on different areas: e-commerce, media, and platform. Partly early stage, partly later stage. So that’s where the vision is. At some stage, I could imagine going back and starting my own company again. I’m not done with that, but right now, my focus is on being an investor and helping our portfolio companies. Sometimes really operationally, like in Nexopia, where I’m running the ship for the moment. But it could well be, that down the road in 5-10 years, I’m starting my own company.

I’m not sure if BIV’s Curt Cherewayko got a chance to dine with Wertz but he covered his story last week as well.

Disclosure: Wertz is a Director of Techvibes Media Inc.