Maintaining Balance is Key to Being More Productive as an Entrepreneur

There are only so many hours in a day that you can produce good work. Sitting in front of a computer does not count.

The other remaining hours in a day should be spent managing the other areas of your life that also bring you satisfaction outside of your company or career. Your health, relationships with others, and your overall wellbeing are important to helping you create success in all areas of life. Maintaining “balance”—AKA a life outside of your work—is important so when all is said and done and you look back, you are happy you didn’t leave anything behind or lose anyone important from your life.

It is essential that you “go all in” with your company as a founder, but you can have it all if you decide to design your life and manage your time to do so.



Good ideas usually sneak up out of nowhere when you least suspect it. Sure, you can brainstorm with a group and come up with good ideas and strategies, but good leaders need time to be alone and think independently for epiphanies to appear.

Driving in the car, going on vacation, having a shower, going out for a coffee or talking to people in your life can all be catalysts to brilliant insights and breakthroughs to your challenges. Not as likely to occur when you are camping in front of a computer. Taking the time to relax (sometimes easier said than done) and enjoy some downtime allows you to refresh mentally and come up with solutions from a deeper perspective.



Not only is exercise great for stress management but it also helps you stay fit, which will help you to remain confident and ties into your beliefs about the goals you want to achieve. If you gain a bunch of weight, you do not appear to be in control of your life.

Exercising helps you to remove blocks and manage your mindset, push your limits, stay active and feel good in the clothes you are wearing. Everyone knows the benefits of exercising. If you are having a hard time motivating yourself to get back into it, try a new sport or physical activity that is of interest to you. If you are not already, put time into yourself, you definitely will not regret it and will feel good when you reacquaint yourself with the benefits of exercise.



Having fun and enjoying life is the whole point. You are supposed to enjoy the journey so it is worth it to maintain leisure as well. Activities that force you to relax and slow down regularly when you need a recharge will keep your energy levels higher. Burning the candle at both ends will not get you the results you seek.

Sir Richard Branson catches up on his phone calls in a hammock and has blended his lifestyle directly into his businesses. Nobody wants to be around somebody super stressed out and wound up. Making light of life’s hard lessons is character building. You can turn your experiences into your own custom content to entertain your friends with if you spin it into humor.



Seth Godin says you should create a life you do not need a vacation from, and though I do agree with where he is going with his point, I disagree with the notion that there isn’t value in going to someplace new and breaking up the cycle or pattern of your behavior by changing environments.

You come back from a good trip with a fresh mind and new approaches for a lot of the matters that were causing unnecessarily stress before you left. Investing in vacations is an investment in you.