Majestic Media Launches an Accelerator Focused on Building Social Products

Toronto-based Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Majestic Media announced last week that it has launched an accelerator named Social Titan Labs.

According to Majestic’s Mario Zelaya, Social Titan Labs will partner up with entrepreneurs and investors, looking to build digital platforms that are social in nature, on mobile, tablet or web.

“We’re going to provide startups with the opportunity to take their idea and develop it into a real and viable product”, said Zelaya who is also Social Titan Labs’ Managing Director. “Rather than investing financially, we’re going to provide the strategy, creative & engineers required for them to be successful.”

Social Titan Labs will be looking for fresh startups looking to build mobile or web products that leverage the power of social networks. The technical and strategic team at Social Titan Labs will leverage the valuable experience gained developing digital, social and mobile apps for Fortune 500 brands.

Majestic Media is splitting off their business unit and engineers to start Social Titan Labs. Zelaya caused a stir with the Techvibes audience recently with a guest article titled Why I Haven’t Hired a Single Developer in Canada.