Make lemonade with Limewheel’s LemonStand

Vancouver web design and development shop Limewheel Creative recently launched a slick-looking website showing off their new shopping cart: LemonStand.

Limewheel’s Danny Halarewich is excited about LemonStand’s focus on design flexibility and rapid extension development via “modules”.

LemonStand does not care about what your design or HTML looks like – implement anything you want using the powerful CMS that allows PHP calls right within pages and templates. All of these features and more will enable web developers and agencies to create completely unique eCommerce websites, easier and faster for their customers. Most shopping carts place limitations on HTML output that can only be overcome through hacking the core, or cannot be overcome at all. This is not a problem for LemonStand.

Check out their live demo storefront to get a feel for their e-commerce solution and look out for their public beta in a couple weeks. It will be open to web designers, developers and anyone savvy enough to install it on their web server.

While pricing has not been announced, Halarewich hinted at a price tag around $300 which will include one year of support and upgrades.

There are plans for a marketplace which will allow customers to buy, sell and share modules (feature extensions) and themes, allowing their customers to join in and earn some profits.

Limewheel is also in talks with VersaPay to implement support for their payment gateway right out of the gate and offer negotiated rates to their Canadian customers.