Make Web Not War 2010 – Cross Platform Web Conference in Montreal

Come join web developers from all over Canada at the Make Web Not War (MWNW 2010) conference in Montreal on May 27th to talk about the ever-evolving web – discover new platforms, enter the codefest & network with some of the best web developers.

Sessions include: SEO for Dynamic Websites, Building in HTML5, CoApp, Building Killer WordPress sites, Cross Platformed Solutions for Social Media, Cloudy with a Chance of Interoperability.

Why should you attend MWNW?

  • Keynote Speaker – Joel Perras, core developer of CakePHP
  • Speakers and experts who build on platforms like WordPress, mobile, cloud and commercial software
  • Conference tracks for everyone – panel discussions, technical, lounge, codefest & web app showcase
  • Celebrate the champion of the FTW! Coding Competition
  • Special conference giveaways, prizes & Rock Band Showdown in Lounge
  • Exclusive Truce After Party for Attendees

Registration closes May 20th but register today.