Make Web Not War hits Vancouver in 2011 – tickets available now

Make Web Not War (MWNW) is coming Vancouver on May 6th and 7th and registration for the free tickets is now open.

MWNW is one of Canada’s first cross-platform conference showcasing the latest techniques and technologies available to the ever-evolving web community. Sponsored by Microsoft and Open Source communities across Canada, MWNW will explore the power and flexibility of new web paradigms, technologies and applications – including the Microsoft web platform, Open Source applications, cloud computing and mobile – to help you develop the ultimate web experience for your clients.

The wars of “platform religions” are over. Embrace the reality of today: mixed environments, interoperable applications, Open Source in harmony with commercial software, PHP on Windows and Azure cloud.The new technology era of pragmatism is here, and MWNW is about bridging the gap between different platforms, communities and developers of all trades and backgrounds.

By simply registering for this event, you’ll get to mingle with some of the best web developers in the country; you’ll get to listen and learn from the experts and leaders in the industry today; you’ll get to play with some of the new and exciting toys being offered by Microsoft; and you’ll gain access to the VIP party. Register now.