MakeFive exchanges high fives at Launch Party

MakeFive demoed its super-cool five top-whatever list creation site at Launch Party in downtown Vancouver on Friday night.

I blogged about this startup a little while back, noting the ferocious debates that can be sparked over some of the somewhat questionable lists people have voted for on the MakeFive site (eg. Why the heck did “House” make it on the list of best TV shows, mopping the floor with the Sopranos, Family Guy and Battlestar Galactica?) And that’s the idea behind MakeFive; get people talking, making connections, debating and even sometimes agreeing about their top 5 lists of anything. The developers of MakeFive aspire to create the “thinking person’s social network”.

For the record, my Fave Five posts on Techvibes so far this week (in no particular order, and I’m not including my own to prevent a conflict of interest) were: