MakeFive makes the Washington Post

Vancouver’s MakeFive was featured on TechCrunch Elevator Pitches yesterday and was highlighted in the Washington Post’s Elevator Pitch Friday today.

This week’s Elevator Pitch comes from MakeFive, a Vancouver, B-based startup that revolves around making top-five lists. The concept is simple: you make a list of anything you want?the worst typefaces of all time, the best tech sites, or things to do after the economy collapses?and vote up the items you think should make it to the top five.

The site is well-designed and fun. I am not sure how many times I would go back. It would depend on how good the lists become and who makes them. Of course, there is already a MakeFive Facebook app. But I liked this pitch from founder Eric Karjaluoto. It made me want to go check out the site, which is what an Elevator Pitch is supposed to do.

Congrats to Eric and team on the early Christmas gift.