MakeFive: Vote For Change! OK, Just For Fun, Then

MakeFive is a fun site for picking your fave five of anything and provoking ferocious debate, such as why you thought Teen Wolf even made the list of best movies EVER. The Vancouverites behind the startup seem awfully modest in their goals for this social media application, nothing that “we do sell some ads on the site, and that covers our expenses and even promises to leave us with enough to grab the occasional beer on a Friday night.” So how has the voting turned out? Here are a few samples: The top five things George could do on leaving office are take an English class, go on the show “smarter than a fifth grader” and learn something, go on a mis-speaking tour, poke his own eyes out with a sharp stick and pee on the lawn. Best 80s TV Shows: Knight Rider, MacGyver, Miami Vice, A-Team and V. Greatest Canadian Band: The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Neil Young and the Band. Disagree? Well, vote for your own faves.