MakeGood partners up with the United Way

Vancouver’s MakeGood announced yesterday that they are working with the United Way of the Lower Mainland to help their corporate supporters show off the good work they’ve done.

MakeGood provides a unique interactive badge that is placed on a company’s website. A click on the badge opens up a profile listing all the positive ways in which a company is being a good corporate citizen. The value of the MakeGood profile is that it provides a third-party, unbiased means for a company to show the good things they are doing.

Through a strategic partnership, the United Way of the Lower Mainland will be thanking their corporate supporters by making the MakeGood badge system available to them. MakeGood profiles include pictures, stories and endorsements that demostrate corporate social responsibilty. For United Way supporters, their new MakeGood profiles will be pre-loaded with the story of how their company is helping the United Way and will be updated constantly to reflect their ongoing support.

Looks like a win-win for both the United Way of the Lower Mainland and MakeGood. The United Way harnesses the power of social media demonstrating that they are one of North America’s most innovative charities. 

MakeGood gets its foot in the door with one local non-profit organization that could expand quickly if all goes well – there are 119 United Ways across Canada, another 1,300 in the United States and over 3,000 worldwide.

Techvibes named MakeGood CEO Rick Goossen to it’s Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2009 list in January – looks like it was a smart decision.