Making Good on Social Responsibility

Last July I reported on a deal between Vancouver’s MakeGood and Calgary-based Cambrian House that would see the startup license Cambrian’s Chaordix crowdsourcing platform. Looks like all went well with the partnership as MakeGood launched today.

People care about social responsibility. MakeGood helps your company communicate the good things you do through an interactive badge that you place on your website. Customers and employees can click on the badge and see photos, stories and testimonials from the people you helped – without ever leaving your website.

MakeGood allows businesses to cost-effectively practice social responsibility and demonstrate their good corporate citizenship through a trustmark badge (an award winning one designed by Rethink) and certification page (e.g. Smart Savvy).

MakeGood CEO Rick Goossen has been a frequent contributor to this blog in the past on topics ranging from crowdsourcing to social responsibility – so he knows what he’s talking about and MakeGood brings it all together. Goossen was named to our Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2009 list earlier this monthg and I expect big things out of this little startup.