Malcolm Gladwell F5 Presentation screening and debate

Did you get the chance to see Malcolm Gladwell speak at F5 EXPO last week in Vancouver? He wasn’t kind to social media in general and referred to today’s Facebook and Twitter relationships as “weak ties” that are incapable of social transformation.

Like many social media advocates, F5 Expo’s Lindsay Smith disagreed with Gladwell’s perspective.

His mile wide and inch deep philosophy may be accurate, but he failed to look at the benefits of a mile wide network for business transactions. Stressing the need for deep relationships, Gladwell feels these are essential for revolutions. But building a business isn’t necessarily about a revolution.

For those of you that missed Gladwell’s Vancouver presentation, on Thursday April 29th the F5 Expo organizers will be screening his complete presentation followed by an interactive debate/discussion on the future of social media at Ceilis Irish Pub.

Tickets are $20 and include appetizers and a drink.