Man Easily Hacks Supposedly Super Secure Android Phone, BlackBerry Rejoices



The Blackphone, designed to be the most secure Android phone the world has ever seen, was rooted in a mere five minutes, which will surely have John Chen and the rest of the security-feature-touting folks at BlackBerry jumping for joy. What they posess, it seems, cannot be replicated so easily.

Security expert Jon Sawyer from Seattle broke into the device, enabling the Android Debugging Bridge without unlocking the bootloader, as the CTO of Applied Cybersecurity outlined in this tweet. According to Sawyer, the Blackphone is plagued with three main vulnerabilities, though its makers say two of them have already been addressed.

BlackBerry has always emphasized security, but current CEO John Chen has this year refocused on the idea, reminding the world in recent times that BlackBerry is simply the most secure out there. The Blackphone, a much newer product, makes equal claims: the makers describe it as “the world’s first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else,” which, following this hacker debacle, will have to be seriously reconsidered.

The recent acquisition of Secusmart will help keep BlackBerry on top of its game, as will a nod from the US Department of Defence. Blackphone, meanwhile, is going to need to rethink its game entirely.