Many Bothans died to bring you these deals: the hottest items at Geek Cantina

If you haven’t had a chance to browse through the offerings at Geek Cantina yet, you’re missing out. Products vary from useless to ingenious, and everywhere in between.

I’ve been combing through this website ever since I heard about it, and there a couple of beauties I’d like to show you. Hint, hint, bearded fat guys considering getting ol’ Liam a Christmas present; these items are at the top of my wish list:

  • Clocky the Runaway Alarm Clock: I’ll admit it — few things challenge me on a daily basis the way waking up on time does. Even if I do wake up for one of the three alarms I have in my bedroom, I usually wind up turning them all off while half asleep, and not even remembering it when I do finally wake up. That’s why Clocky seems like such a great idea; I won’t be able to just mindlessly hit snooze anymore in the morning or slam the off button. Now, I’ll have to get up and look for the beeping, which at least means I’m getting out of bed for a change.
  • Baconnaise: It’s mayonnaise. With bacon in it. Need anything else be said? I’m not surprised that this item is currently out of stock…
  • Desktop Trebuchet: God help my co-workers if I ever get my hands on one of these. You think attacking your boss with angry email is bad? Try attacking him with a wooden ball launched from 20 feet away.
  • Beanie – Hoth Ski Patrol: There’s no shortage of brilliant clothing items on Geek Cantina, but this one takes the cake for me. Anything with the Rebel Alliance logo on it is gold in my books, but check out some of the other clothing items (mostly t-shirts) for sale.
  • Any Steve Thomas print: Artist Steve Thomas has designed 10 retro posters for Geek Cantina, and all of them look gorgeous. They take on a mid-20th century propaganda or advertisement style with geeky themes like space travel and video games. My favourite one is this Pac-Man one; I loves me some faux-propaganda, and this delivers.