Maple Inc. and Communitech a-buzz with new offices

Talk about aggressive expansions, two Waterloo scions of technological wizardry seem all set to open up new offices in a bid to capture and stabilize a growing activities base. Waterloo-based Maple Inc, a leading provider of high-performance software goods tools for the engineering, science and mathematics industries announced today that it would be opening its first office in Germany.

By moving its German/Austrian-market facing business processes away from the control of Scientific Computers, formerly its major reseller in Germany and Austria, and under the control of a new MapleSoft office based in Aachen, Germany, Maple Inc. looks to tighten its grip on the highly profitable German and Austrian markets.

In the words of Fred Kern, VP of International Sales,

A direct presence in Germany will allow us to more closely align with our customers in order to most effectively understand their needs and support them. We are looking forward to working closely with our extensive user base in Germany. We thank Scientific Computers for their support over the years and we wish them well in their future business endeavors.

In same vein, Waterloo’s Communitech, an organization representing more than 700 tech companies, announced that it has opened up a new office to serve the Cambridge and Guelph area.

Citing a growing hotbed of tech commerce, President and CEO Iain Klugman was citing as saying,

We have long recognized the innovation in the communities of Cambridge and Guelph, and having a ‘storefront’ here will help us better meet the needs of technology companies. Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding area have significant strength in sectors like advanced manufacturing, power generation, biotechnology and aerospace. This local presence will support and connect these businesses to one another, and to the rest of the Waterloo Region tech industry.