Margaret Atwood to speak at nextMEDIA Toronto in December

Margaret Atwood, co-founder of technology companies Syngrafii and iDoLVine and author of more than fifty books, will participate in a featured interview with digital expert McLean Greaves of ZoomerMedia at nextMedia 2011 in Toronto this December.

McLean is the man responsible for introducing Margaret to the twittersphere. “It was amazing to watch not only how quickly Margaret grasped Twitter but how quickly it grasped her. She literally had tens of thousands of followers in mere hours. Given how advanced the technology is in her novels, however, I suspect Twitter was all very ‘Lotus 123’ to her,” he said.

During her interview, Margaret will discuss her approach to different digital platforms and tools as the impending threat of diminished print sales threaten both authors and publishers. Her discussion will offer a greater understanding on methods to infuse traditional storytelling and publishing initiatives with digital media opportunities. 

“Margaret Atwood is a national and international literary legend – we couldn’t be more pleased to have her join us at nextMEDIA 2011,” says Mark Greenspan, Executive Director. “She has embraced the digital changes in today’s publishing environment, which others see as major challenges, and thrived. Her approach to digital mass media has seen her launch websites, blogs, Twitter accounts and Mp3 downloads. In the digital media environment, Margaret has not only survived, but thrived.”