Mark Kolody’s Ultimate Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs

I’ve covered a lot of ground in my 10-part entrepreneur series.

I started off with the stark realities of easy money, talked about the pitfalls of partnerships, and recast financials in terms of leadership opportunities. I delved into the entrepreneur monkey trap of not letting go, wrangled cash from thin air, and that investors fund more than just ideas. That buying/selling creative is really about process, that there are great times for fundamental disruption, and how to take advantage of everything, and that culture is the most important thing.

1. What Culture in a Company Is – And, Perhaps More Important, What It Isn’t

2. Leaving No Stone Unturned: Successful Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Everything

3. Rocking the Boat When the Seas are Calm

4. Less is More in the Black Hole of Buying and Selling Creative

5. Learning to Wrangle Time and Cash from Unexpected Places Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

6. The Art of Letting Go: Why It’s Vital That Entrepreneurs Learn to Properly Delegate

7. Investors Expect More Than Just a ‘Killer Idea’ — Pitching for Their Money Demands Real Homework

8. Financials are More Than Just Numbers – They’re Power

9. Truth About Cofounders: Your Partner Doesn’t Want the Same Things as You (And That’s a Problem)

10. The Stark Realities of Easy Money