Marketing Analyst – Tungle

Tungle is a well financed, dynamic, Montreal-based Web 2.0 startup. Tungle solves the pain of scheduling meetings for busy professionals. Using Tungle, users can easily coordinate meetings with colleagues, clients and other professionals independent of whether they work for the same company or not. Tungle works with many calendaring applications including Outlook, Google Calendar, MAC iCal and Entourage. It also works across company networks, a limitation of traditional scheduling solutions.

As Entrepreneurs, we are seeking other entrepreneurs that can think clearly, act creatively, achieve repeatedly. We’re looking for people who want to play an active role in building a great Canadian company.

The Marketing Analyst role is all about user acquisition, conversion, retention and delight.

The successful candidate will drive/create the PR & community programs, SEO, e-mail marketing, web traffic analysis, corporate content creation, guerrilla marketing, partner programs as well as any other marketing/communication related activities.

This analyst must possess a very active and creative mind, be a fanatic of results, and not be easily distracted by non core activities. Understanding our routes to market and capitalizing on our Partner relationships is intrinsic the role. Focus, execute and win.


  • Create original marketing campaigns across all channels to drive adoption of Tungle with busy professionals and key partners.
  • Track results and develop co-marketing programs with Partners.
  • Analyze web traffic patterns and make recommendations to improve conversion rates of web traffic. Help us find the best sources of new users.
  • Manage first line PR & community activities. Use social media as appropriate to reach users.
  • Develop and execute different guerrilla marketing campaigns to increase awareness and acceptance of services.


  • Strong understanding of web marketing techniques (advertising, blogosphere, search, etc).
  • Ability to express complex thoughts clearly, both in writing and verbally.
  • Ability to develop creative marketing plans, and execute them.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Succeed as a team and learn as a team
  • Previous startup experience is a plus

We want over-achievers – dean’s list – gold medalists – winners. Please send resume to: