Marketing Driven Auto-Sharing hits Toronto

CityFlitz launched a new auto-sharing service in Toronto today but this one comes with a twist. You see, CityFlitz is a marketing company that provides advertisers with a fleet of MINI Coopers and SMART cars that are wrapped with graphics and logos. The great news for drivers is that these advertising-subsidized mobile billboards are available for only $1 a day.

Unlike other auto-sharing companies, high mileage is not an issue for CityFlitz. In order to access the super-sweet pricing, members are required to drive the vehicle at least 30 kilometres each day, with unlimited mileage within the city after that.

CityFlitz vehicles are also decked out with the latest technological gadgets for the benefit of both the driver and the advertiser. Each vehicle comes with access to Wi-Fi High Speed Internet – traffic bloggers unite. And for metric-loving advertisers, each car is equipped with a GPS tracking system which enables them to have access to real time information about the use of the car and measurable results for marketing purposes.

If you’re in the GTA, be on the look-out for Yahoo! Canada branded cars zipping around the city. CityFlitz plans to expand their auto-sharing service to include Vancouver in the near future. Drivers interested in becoming a member of CityFlitz can sign up online.