Marketing.AI and Chute Develop New Content Managing Workflow Software

Marketing.AI and Chute’s Media Choosers’ new content marketing software was developed to help marketers simplify and manage their writing and visual workflow.

Marketers currently have many tools and strategies when it comes to content marketing. Often times it causes problems when structuring an efficient workflow that brings in traffic and views. The new Content Marketing Workflow software assists in coordinating the writing content, and organizing, collecting and distributing photos.

Whether it is business-to-business or business to consumers, marketing is a large part of creating and distributing content. In order to build custumer awareness, engagement, interest and boost sales, marketers must manage their online content.

Currently 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing. There are multiple methods to developing and managing content. Although the process can be as simple as adding blog posts and images, copyright infringements and liabilities can be costly if the site is not managed properly.

The new software Editorial Calendar by Marketing.AI and Chute helps marketers build photo libraries that syncs up with Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Picasa. By clicking the blue Chute icon, customers of Marketing.AI will be able to retrieve photos from social media accounts and embed them onto their posts and websites.

In addition, Editorial Calendar has task assigning features to help authors, designers and other content creators work on the same page. Also a collaborative interface simplifies drafting and editing in a group. 

An effective marketing strategy is vital to any business campaign. Whether you want to shorten sales cycle or simplify your daily content production workflow, the end result must be profitable. Marketing.AI and Chute will help make publishing blog posts, website pages and social media updates a successful endeavor.