Marrying Data to Analytics a Major Theme at HP’s Latest Conference

This week, HP held their Big Data Conference in Boston, bringing domain experts, customers, and HP executives together to discuss trends in big data, analytics, and the new products and announcements from HP.

The main thrust of the conference was how to empower data-driven organizations with the proper application of analytics day-to-day using the right tools to ensure intelligent business decisions. The conference was very customer-centric, with HP enterprise clients put front and center to discuss their use cases, insights, and advantages gained through the use of HP Big Data services.

At the conference, HP announced its new version of Vertica, named Excavator, featuring optimized Hadoop performance, advanced data streaming and machine log analytics.  Excavator seeks to solve the issues of volume, velocity, and variety in big data, enabling organizations to quickly ingest and analyze high-speed streaming data, from various sources, including Internet of Things applications, and provides enhanced SQL analytics and performance to Hadoop.

Additionally, HP announced new contributions to open source technologies, including optimized Hadoop performance, integration with the Apache Kafka distributed messaging system, and advancements in Distributed R predictive analytics.

HP Haven Distributed R is designed for Data Scientists, and accelerates large-scale machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph processing.

The numerous breakout sessions demonstrated Haven use cases, among these  the development of smart-cities app and the prediction and reducion of deforestation using HP Distributed R and HP Vertica. 

The HP Haven Startup Accelerator program was also announced at the event. It provides early-stage companies with affordable access to both HP Big Data and Application Delivery Management software and services.

The accelerator is designed to help startups use the HP Haven Big Data platform in order to gain competitive advantage, and features community and premium versions, with access to HPs Application Delivery Management tools.  It provides qualified, early stage developers with special access and pricing for select HP products, tools, and technologies, with the mission of accelerating the monetization of big data through the leveraging the HP Haven Platform.

There are two tiers in this year-long accelerator that is also accessible to Canadian startups focusing on providing Big Data solutions for enterprise.

The Bootstrap Tier: A complementary tier providing special versions of products like IDOL, Vertica, LoadRunner, along with community support, self-serve video training, and access to the HP Haven Marketplace.

The Growth Tier: A premium tier offering the benefits of BootStrap plus expanded versions of IDOL, Vertica, and LoadRunner. Also in this tier is access to Agile Manger, LeanFT, virtual class room sessions and enterprise support.