MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 Lecture Series In Toronto

MaRS Centre (in Toronto) hosts a weekly evening lecture on a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, running from Oct ’08 to April ’09, in a program called Entrepreneurship 101. The program is FREE to attend and, while primarily targeted towards those with a more academic / scientific research background, is open to all. It also features various successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories, apart from teaching the building blocks of creating a startup such as:

  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Building a business model
  • IP management
  • Terms of investment
  • What investors look for
  • Building your team

They also offer freely available webcasts covering the above topics, incase you can’t attend it in person. The next lecture of the program is today evening on Building a business model, which will be given by Ajay Agrawal (Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management). From the event description:

Thinking carefully about economics and business strategy can make the difference between having great technology versus having a great company. While MBAs can be famously dim-witted, scientists and engineers can be famously stubborn and insensitive to market forces.

We’ll discuss the most common commercialization traps that befall otherwise “way smart” inventors.

The event will be held at the MaRS Centre, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm today (November 12th). Registration is free, but required and takes only a couple of minutes.