MasterCard Partners with MaRS Discovery District to Host Developer Challenge

MasterCard and the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto are teaming up on September 28 and 29 to host the first MasterCard N>XT challenge. The two-day event will put teams of developers together to test their capability for creating a breakthrough payment solution. The contestants will have access to MasterCard’s open API, commerce infrastructure and tool kit.

Xtreme Labs, a leader in mobile strategy and product development, will assist the challenge by creating a resource portal for developers. Furthermore, they will deliver an in-person workshop to teach young developers the art of leveraging API and creating payment applications and mobile solutions.

“We are excited to share our mobile expertise with MasterCard for this important event that will not only help drive the Canadian mobile payment industry forward but also create a footprint on the global stage,” said Amar Varma, CEO and co-founder of Xtreme Labs.  “The developer challenge is an excellent way to foster innovation, tap into Canada’s exceptional tech talent and push the boundaries of creativity and collaboration.”

Winners of MasterCard N>XT will be selected from a judging panel of industry experts, with an opportunity to win one of three top prizes of $10,000 and be touted as Canada’s next great developer.  

“Innovation is in our DNA,” said Betty DeVita, President of MasterCard Canada. “Over the last 40 years, MasterCard has led the way in bringing payment innovations to the fingertips of Canadians and merchants — from chip and PIN to Tap and Go — we continue to find ways to make electronic payments a seamless, convenient and rewarding choice for Canadians.”

Registration for MasterCard N>XT opens on Thursday July 18, 2013 and will be taking place at the MaRS Centre.

In addition to the challenge, MasterCard also sponsored the design of the MasterCard deck, a patio space in the heritage building of the MaRS Centre. The new space will continue innovating and advancing great ideas by offering networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

“We are delighted to partner with MasterCard — a global innovation pioneer — in support of the entrepreneurs in our MaRS ecosystem,” said Ilse Treurnicht, CEO of MaRS Discovery District. “The MasterCard deck is a unique addition to the MaRS Centre, strategically located in the MaRS Commons within the iconic Heritage Building. It will provide an inspiring new space for our entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate, further catalyzing the innovation that will drive Canada’s knowledge economy. We also look forward to providing the platform for MasterCard’s upcoming developer challenge, where we can bring together top tech talent both from within the MaRS network and the larger community across Canada.”