Material Insight makes Material Changes

Material Insight has built an amazing reputation in Calgary as a “high-tech hub” over the last few years. I posted about them a little while ago … they’ve done a great job at raising the profile of the Calgary technology scene by themselves and in cahoots with several public partners, especially as co-ordinators of some of the best local high tech events in recent memory.

Material InsightOn June 30, 2008, the Material Insight that we know (and many of the people that are there) will be making some significant changes. Call it corporate liposuction if you will … as far as I can tell, they are simply removing the parts of the business that are no longer viable. 

This strategy is much like Cambrian House’s recent restructuring announcement; the current path is no longer viable, so spin some stuff off and retain the parts that work. By the way, after speaking with several insiders, the deal was not nearly as terrible as an earlier Techvibes blog describes … they got some cash from a New York V.C., the spin-offs all have great potential, and the rumours of the death of crowdsourcing are greatly exaggerated. (that’s a Paul McCartney quote-in-cheek just in case you missed it) 

Speaking of Cambrian (and getting back to the Material Insight story), Gwynn Kirk from Material Insight has joined Gwabs, one of the opportunities developed by the crowd sourcing pioneer.

Claudia is joining the persistently secretive Tynt to help build out their brand and marketing (which is a great gig for her). I’ve noticed they’ve changed their web page look, although the site is still in teaser mode.

Jennifer Aubin is leading the newly formed Techbent recruiting company, continuing Material Insight’s success as a premium high-tech recruiter. This makes sense as it could have been the only thing that was making real money at Material Insight (they do a great job … I can’t recommend Jennifer enough for recruiting (either as a prospective employer, or someone that’s look for a job).

Finally, Material Insight will continue as the high-tech hub we’ve come to know and love … it will be interesting to see how the hub adapts to it’s new environment going forward.

Applause for all their past efforts, and bon voyage as they set sail for new shores!