Following Successful Crowdfund, Matter and Form Raises $2 Million from Investors

A successfully crowdfunded high-resolution 3D scanner is now shipping.

Ushering in “a new era of accessible 3D scanning,” Matter and Form has also raised $2 million funding from Sandstone Asset Management and the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund.

Last year the Toronto-based firm raised nearly $500,000—five times their original goal—on Indiegogo. This year the Canadian company changed their name from Matterform to Matter and Form.

“Bringing a new product to market is an arduous and complex process, and we’ve been extremely fortunate to have backers who have encouraged us to take our time and get it right,” said CEO Drew Cox, a designer and programmer. 

“The investment is just as important but in a different way. It will let us create products that will take people as far as their imaginations will let them,” he added.

The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is “the highest quality 3D scanner available in its price range,” according to the company, making the possibilities of 3D scanning “an affordable option for everyone.”

“Our investment in Matter and Form is an endorsement of its people and ideas,” Sharon Watkins, CEO of Sandstone, said. “It is a fusion of an attractive investment opportunity and supporting the disruptive effects of putting powerful technologies within reach of ever-wider user bases.”

“When we thought about the possibilities for creative professionals, small businesses, and hobbyists, we knew we had to get involved,” chimed in Michelle McBane, Investment Director at the Investment Accelerator Fund.