Maximize Your Company’s Exit Value

This is a continuation of my video series on exit transactions. This is the second part of my talk at the National Angel Capital Association Annual Summit last month in Atlanta.

Highlights of this video series (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4): 

  • When can you sell? It may be much earlier than you think.
  • Developing an Exit Strategy. Every company needs an exit strategy – ideally before the first investor.
  • Maximizing Value – things you should be doing now to maximize the value you ultimately get for your company.
  • It’s often possible to sell a company for 50% more.
  • The role of the M&A Advisor and other professionals. How much they will cost and why it’s a good investment.
  • Secondary sales – why it’s often a good idea to find a buyer for some founders stock before the exit.
  • Planning for a Successful Exit – the list of things that should be done long before you start the exit.
  • Why you should be afraid of the ‘reps and warranties’.
  • The Exit Timeline – how long does it take to design and execute and optimum exit?

Part 1 of the Maximizing Exit Value video series is available here.

Maximizing Exit Value Videos Part 1