Maybe not so hot after all? Just 17% of Google+ users are actually active

Google saw 25 million people join its Plus social network in its first month. We’ve heard the stats: took Facebook 852 day to reach its first 10 million users, that Twitter took 780 days, and that Google+ took just 16.

But users who don’t stick around aren’t worth much. In which case, Google+ isn’t worth much.

New statistics unveil the ugly truth: a paltry 17% of Google+ users are actually active. This doesn’t bode well for the burdgeoning social network—it’s leading a lot of horses to water but not many of them are drinking. 

And, for whatever reason, men still dominate Google+. Where most other social networks are quite balanced—and some even in favour of females—Google+’s userbase is less than one-third chicks.