Maybe Pink Floyd had it right: We don’t need no education


Last week the founders behind introduced their new company at Toronto’s monthly entrepreneurial meetup, SproutUp. 

Waterloo-based is a dream come true for me.  But it is a dream that is a little late.  However, for undergraduates across North America, NoteWagon just might be the tool students need. was started as an answer to the problem of an unorganized student note market.  If you’re still in school, or a recent graduate, then you understand the problem:  You’ve missed a class and you’re pulling your hair out trying to find someone’s notes to borrow.  And when you do manage to find someone who appreciates the bind you are in, you can hardly decipher their handwriting.

Enter NoteWagon.  NoteWagon is an online marketplace for students who want to buy and/or sell their university notes and revision materials. If you make great notes and want to earn extra cash, you can sell them to other students. However, if Monday morning tutorials are not your thing, you can buy notes written precisely for your course.

At present, NoteWagon covers the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Toronto, University of Guelph and Ryerson University.  NoteWagon also has plans to open up in universities across The United States.

Now students across North America can enjoy Thursday “pub nights” without having to worry about missing class on Friday. Thanks to