Mayor Robertson on Vancouver’s Green Capital City vision

Next month’s BCTIA TechForum luncheon event is titled Race to the Green and Mayor Gregor Robertson will be on hand to outline the Vancouver Green Capital city vision and how the tech community can benefit from it.

Technology, as we know it, was developed to help people control and adapt to our environment. Mayor Gregor Robertson assembled the Greenest City Action Team in early 2009 to formulate the long-term vision that will make Vancouver the greenest city on Earth. Our technology community now has a specific mandate in Vancouver: sustainability. Citizens, businesses and governments are challenged to give Vancouverites the bright green future that we want for our descendants and provide them the gift of a vibrant and sustainable place to live.

Gregor Robertson joins the BCTIA on December 11th to discuss the Vancouver 2020 Vision of a Bright Green Future and the opportunities for our technology and business community as we strive for the title of “The World’s Greenest City”.

Bolstering the audience for the event will be 40 technology CEOs from the Ernst & Young Clentech Ignition event.  Ernst & Young Partner and Canadian Cleantech Leader Cynthia Orr will provide a session summary from the Cleantech Ignition event, so this is your chance to be the first to hear what our clean tech thought leaders cite as the key contributors to building BC into a clean energy powerhouse.

TechForum Race to the Green is on Friday, December 11th at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Register online.