Medeo and AnxietyBC Partner to Improve Mental Health Treatment in Canada

Vancouver-based startup Medeo and AnxietyBC this week announced a partnership that they say “will increase awareness and education of Medeo,” a virtual care technology that helps both patients and practitioners better manage mental health care through private online video visits.

Virtual care tools, like Medeo, use remote consultations and electronic health records to increase connectivity while reducing time pressure and geographical barriers to care.

A study conducted by the Canadian Mental Health Association in 2013 reported that 20% of Canadians will experience mental illnesses in their lifetime. To date, three of the top four submitted issues for seeing practitioners on Medeo’s platform have been related to mental health.

“AnxietyBC is excited to collaborate with Medeo to implement diagnostic and management best practices into the Medeo platform,” said Amir Rasheed, President of the Board of Directors of AnxietyBC. “Providing physicians access to evidence based diagnosis and treatment of anxiety is a key objective of AnxietyBC.”

One of the largest barriers to mental health management is the stigma that exists around it. Being behind a computer or tablet can help patients open up about their health.

“Anxiety is a condition that can affect your entire life,” said Dr. Matthew Chow, a psychiatrist who has used Medeo to connect with his patients. “Virtual care technology like Medeo can have a very positive effect on the management of mental health.”

Vancouver has been creating viable health-tech startups for many years. From Ayogo to Phemi to Curatio, entrepreneurs with an eye for helping doctors use technology to the fullest have thrived in Vancouver’s technological ecosystem.