Media Day at the Marketing Week – The Media Landscape and Creative Genius

If digital day was about building brands in this new age then media day was all about doing it on a great foundation based on ideas, creativity and innovation. Soniya discussed some sessions in her post and here are two more. This was a day where a pirate came to harbour, the magazine industry showed that it is only getting started and the idea factories were still running full steam ahead.

The Evolving Media Landscape

Jessica Michaels Senior Partner and Group Media Director of MEC Interaction / GroupM discussed seven major trends for 2010 that media be more addressable with better targeting and less waste. Media is becoming ever more portable with TV available for download, TV and streaming.

It is being made easier to find by the being searchable. The rise of facebook and other networks has made it more social. The rise of web 2.0 and broadband made it truly interactive. Ecommerce has made the Internet transactional and finally it is going everywhere through the increasing penetration of smartphones and other devices. I think these are trends that we have seen building and I think the question today is where it will crescendo and what will come afterwards.

Creative Genius in Action

Next up some of the best creative minds showed off their work and talked about the need for creatives and media to come together to create innovative work. The panel was made up of some of the best and brightest in Canada Nancy Vonk of Ogilvy Toronto, Lance Martin of Taxi 2, Philippe Meunier of Sid Lee, Aaron Starkman of Zig and Rob Tarry of Rethink with Lauren Richards CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group acting as the moderator.

Nancy Vonk said that it wasn’t the norm in the industry for media to come to creatives though you could get from the way they talked about it they all wish it were. There are barriers between the two camps that make the close type of collaboration between creatives and media uncommon.

With the multitude of choices available to marketers Aaron said that that creatives need to listen to ideas no matter where they come from. This was a panel about the work and how the work is bettered when these two camps work together.