Mediazoic available on Apple products

Canada’s independent online music service has just stepped it up a notch. Earlier on Monday they announced that their music service was now available on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

According to their press release, “Our streams work right out of the box on the iPad. To access a stream on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll need to download the free upgrade of iOS 4 from Apple. Click here to initiate that. Then, if you are reading this message on one of those devices, simply click on one of the streamer links below and our “stage” will open. Either you’ll need to make sure in the ‘Settings’ of your device that you have pop-ups enabled or, if you don’t want to enable pop-ups, just click on ‘Now Playing’ on our stage and a new Safari window will open that will automatically play the stream.”

Curious about Mediazoic? Click on one of the following streamer stations and try it out.

  • I Need Energy – Canada’s premier music geek, Alan Cross, host of The Ongoing History of New Music and ExploreMusic, shares the playlist that he uses to propel his morning run.
  • Radio MicrofundoMicrofundo, the original ambassadors of Haitian music, whose infectious, indigenous rhythms have been rocking audiences from Japan to Panama, Paris to Miami for more than three decades.
  • Orange Radio – Mediazoic founder Greg Nisbet serves up a cross-genre selection that goes deep into the music behind a variety of cultures and subcultures.
  • Lost in Thought – Digital music guru Gabriel Nijmeh brings out some little-known gems from the vast Canadian music vaults.
  • Polished Gems and Dusty Jewels – Lifelong music man Paul Ciniello unearths acoustic musical treasure, with a focus on great songwriting.
  • Dave’s Classics – Canadian radio icon Dave Charles brings one of Canada’s most recognizable radio voices to our audio spots, and treats us to this classics playlist as well.
  • Craigslist – Craig, our resident digital alchemist and scuba diver extraordinaire, dives right down to the roots of music.