Meet the thriftiest moose in Canada: Winnipeg’s Bargainmoose

There is little else more distinctly Canadian than a moose. So it makes sense, then, that a blog called Bargainmoose is distinctly Canadian.

Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bargainmoose is a recently re-vamped blog that offers multiple deals every day for cost-concscious Canadians.

Anna, who, judging by her online persona, is quite the eccentric character, says she has recently launched advertising on her site. But it’s none of this Google AdSense crap—it’s Bargainmoose-specific deals, relevant to the blog’s followers. “Over the past 2 years, Bargainmoose has forged some great relationships with Canadian stores,” the self-described “shopaholic” says. “We want to take advantage of that now by offering advertising in the Bargainmoose sidebar. Bargainmoosers are savvy Canadian shoppers.”


The premise of the blog isn’t anything new—”[moosers] email the best deals, and I share the shopping love on the blog,” Anna explains—but it’s not particularly common North of the U.S., and everyone always appreciates a good deal.

It’s also refreshing to see an energetic, unique character run things. Her about page is definitely interesting. (For example, unlike most people, Anna likes to let everyone know her age: She’s 29. And she likes lolcats. But not real cats.)

So check out Bargainmoose today for some “exmoosive” deals.