Men are better at professional networking online than women in Canada (and everywhere else, too)

With over three million Canadian users in its system, online professional network LinkedIn is definitely an expert voice when it comes to answering the curious question, “Who’s better at this stuff anyway—girls or boys?”

As it turns out, men trump women in this area, in Canada and across the world.

This is according to LinkedIn’s research, which involved developing a “savviness” ranking for online professional networking.

The ratio was kept simple: it’s the ratio of connections that men have to the connections that women have, plus the ratio of male LinkedIn members to female LinkedIn members. Crunching these numbers, it was revealed that men have higher savviness rankings on average in most industries and around the globe.

Men were savviest in industries such as investment banking and government relations, while women managed to hold their own in industries like writing and, oddly enough, shipbuilding.

“Making connections and building solid relationships is crucial to business growth,” said Donna Messer, Canadian networking guru and owner of ConnectUs Communications. “As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, I don’t always have time to meet everyone face to face and networking online using LinkedIn has given me visibility and credibility. I encourage women to consider LinkedIn as a place to find common ground with their business contacts and to build relationships that will ultimately lead to career success.”