What Men Look for in a Smartphone Compared to What Women Look For

Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone but what people look for in their device is often different—hence why multiple platforms can succeed in the same market and why one brand makes several models of phones.

Nielsen looked at the differences between what men and women look for when buying new smartphones and, while most of the criteria was roughly similar, some differences stood out.

According to Nielsen’s data, women are more “platform agnostic” than men, meaning they don’t really care which operating system their phone runs.

What women care most about are the price of the device (on top of mind for 72% of them) and the quality of the camera (selfies, anyone?). Meanwhile, men are more likely to geek out, with pressing issues including battery life, processor speed, and screen size.

Both women and men care equally about the wireless carrier they’re with, the design of the device, and the terms of the contract they’re signing with the carrier.