Men talk on their phones more than girls but both text more than anything: Study

A new study conducted by Best Buy Mobile delved into the world of high school students to find out about the technology they use and how they use it.

The study found that schools are largely outdated when it comes to technology, leaving students feel like they’re not using technology to its full potential. 

More and more high school students are now owning smartphones, and using them in school more often. They want to use laptops in class because they can type faster than they can write. Parents feel that more technology use in school better prepares their kids for the working world.

So how do these boys and girls use their mobile devices? 54% of them use their phone mostly for texting; 31% mostly for talking. Boys are 10% more likely to use their phones primarily for talking than girls are.

Device loyalty also varies by gender and location. Students in Montreal are most likely to use  their phones for talking, while Calgarians are most likely to use their phone for texting (and overwhelmingly so).

Vancouver smartphone owners are most likely to use Facebook as their main app and the least likely to use BBM. Females in Calgary love BlackBerrys, while males in Vancouver much prefer the iPhone.

Just 5% of students with smartphones use Twitter, suggesting the platform is only for people intelligent enough to understand its value. 44% use Facebook as their primary communication app; 20% use BBM; and 20% lied, claiming they don’t use a communication app.