Men’s Style Startup Dash Hudson Raises $400,000 Led by Former Groupon CTO

Men are moving in droves to shop online and via their smartphones with lots of new online brands such as Montreal’s Frank & Oak—but there is a sore lack of stores offering a curated styling experience across multiple brands with a single cart.

In March Techvibes profiled Dash Hudson, a new mobile store that aims to change the way men shop and approach their personal style.

The Atlantic Canadian-born app uses personal stylists who assess customer preferences and build modern, flexible wardrobes with selections from several different retailers.

Yesterday Dash Hudson announced that it raised $400,000 in seed funding.

More impressive than the amount of funding was who participated: co-founder and CEO Thomas Rankin told TechCrunch the round was led by former Groupon CTO Paul Gauthier. Other investors include Patrick Hankinson, founder of recently acquired startup Compilr.

Dash Hudson was founded by two Halifax entrepreneurs, Thomas Rankin and Tomek Niewiarowski.

Dash Hudson is a free download for Android or iOS.