Mercury Grove Launches, an Online Handbook for Startups

Accelerator Mercury Grove this week announced a new business handbook to help small business owners defy the astronomical startup failure rate through a low-cost marketplace called

The Ottawa-based Mercury now offers a site where small business owners can customize their handbook with step-by-step guides on all aspects of running their operation. Similar to an app store, Mercury says that publishes online guides that small businesses can use to build a handbook full of actionable best practices for everything from incorporating their business to managing their Facebook page, growing their blog, hiring staff, and making sales. guides include detailed descriptions, videos, and file templates. The company says that each guide is written by a subject matter expert, professional consultant, or successful entrepreneur who has used the process with proven success.

“We want to help small businesses beat the nearly 80% failure rate by providing them with the ultimate resource of successful formulas that each business can tailor to their specific needs,” says CEO Scott Annan. “We want to become the Kindle e-reader of step-by-step guides for business—the ultimate resource center for company owners, employees and partners.”