Mercury Grove launches social CRM tool

Ottawa-based Mercury Grove unveiled dex today, their new online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that leverages the data maintenance efficiency of social networking.

Unlike existing CRMs that are built on databases that require constant maintenance and updating, dex is the first “community-maintained” database that leverages the largest and most powerful community in the world: the internet. “Dex removes the need for ‘data babysitting’, giving professionals time to focus on building relationships, not building databases” explained Scott Annan, Mercury Grove’s CEO. “If the information about your contacts is on the web you can find it in dex.”

Dex Professional Networking and CRM from Mercury Grove on Vimeo.


Dex claims to be the first “personal CRM” system. What does that mean? Similar to business networking site LinkedIn, information stored on Dex belongs to the individual user. So when you leave a job, you take your contacts with you. With online CRM systems like the data is ultimately owned by the company you work for and not as portable.

Dex is currently available to individuals and companies at no cost. Following a beta period, the company plans to charge businesses $20 per user per month and personal accounts will always be free.

Some of your may recall that Mercury Grove was crowdsourcing a new moniker for Dex as a result of a conflict with an established brand in the United States. That’s still in the works – Mercury Grove came to an agreement with Dexknows that allows them to use the name temporarily. Look for the new crowdsourced name soon.