Mesh ’09: Gabe Rivera (Founder, Techmeme) on ‘Future of News’

Gabe Rivera of participated in a panel discussion alongwith David Cohn of and Rachel Nixon of at a Mesh ’09 session called the “Future of News”. Some key points from the discussion (thanks to Jonathan Keebler of ScribbleLive!):

  • Gabe: Basic idea of Techmeme: run by an algorithm. The things that bloggers link to are usually interesting, newsworthy things. So construct a newspaper automatically. To reader, looks like a newspaper constructed by news articles around the web. But links determined by what bloggers are linking to.
  • Gabe: Techmeme now takes tips through tips@techmeme on Twitter.
  • Rachel: News organizations more slow moving, hard to do things. NowPublic sits on top of the conversations, monitoring, and trying to make sense of it. Been working on “Scan” which can monitor the conversation on Twitter in real-time.
  • David: distributes the cost of hiring a journalism to the crowd. Inspired by They pay back for stories they sell. Any profit from a story goes back to original funders of story.