Mesh 2010 Brings Marketers, Developers and Entrepreneurs Together

Mesh ConferenceThe Mesh Conference is organized by five founders who believed that Toronto deserved to have a world-class conference where people with an enthusiasm for the Web could talk about how it is affecting the media, marketing, business and society as a whole. Mesh2010 encourages the community to connect, share and inspire.

This year at Mesh, there was a focus on the privacy of personal information and the influence of content online. Here are some of the highlight sessions from the Mesh Conference 2010:

  • From The Guardian, Chris Thorpe’s insights on open API, the potential of online publications and the benefits/risks associated with access to content.
  • Joseph Menn on his “behind-the-scenes” stories that made the audience more aware of the greater issues regarding privacy.
  • Scott Thompson, President of PayPal on the trends of payment solutions and the direction of the industry. Thompson says that in 10 years, there will be no difference between offline and online payments; all transactions will be online. From transactions in physical stores routing payments through an online platform to payment systems in cars to pay for parking.
  • Arvind Rajan, LinkedIn’s Vice President of International mentioned how LinkedIn is more than just a platform for job-seekers. Rajan discussed it’s applications for users to add value to their online presence. Rajan also discussed one of the goals of LinkedIn which is to create industry specific resource to compliment professionals.

Seminars and workshops complimented the keynotes. Maggie Fox’s workshop, “The Art & Science of Scaling Social Media” and a special recording of TVO’s “The Agenda” were the stepping stone to understand concepts more thoroughly.

As a first timer to the Mesh Conference, I was completely blown away. The content of the presentations was focused and specific which met the expectations set by titles. Also, there were many opportunities for networking during the two-day conference. With individuals who are in marketing, design, development and entrepreneurs, discussions of topics were comprehensive with the array of perspectives.

If you missed the conference this year, I highly suggest going to Mesh 2011. The content is great but the real value is from the relationships you build at the conference.