Mesh Conference Takes You Behind the Scenes on Privacy – Day 1

The Mesh Conference is organized by five founders who believed that Toronto deserved to have a world-class conference where people with an enthusiasm for the Web could talk about how it is affecting the media, marketing, business and society as a whole. Mesh2010 encourages to connect, share and inspire.

Joseph Menn - Mesh Conference

This year, Mesh Conference kicked off with Chris Thorpe from The Guardian and Joseph Menn with his third book Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who are Bringing Down the Internet. Thorpe delved into concerns with open APIs describing the benefits as well as the risks. Menn on the other hand shared “in the trenches” stories of serious attacks to companies in North America and how they were saved by a random 25 year old dude who actually talked to these hackers, built trust and rapport with them and then helped prosecute them; to say the least, it was very James Bond-like.

TVO hosted a live episode of “The Agenda” after the two keynotes. The panel included Joseph Menn, Ann Cavoukian, Alan Sawyer and David Fewer. The conversation was very interesting and questions from the audience were very strong.  One of the more dominant topics was privacy for teens. The lack of information for teens on privacy has resulted to many situations where everything from private comments to nude photos have been shared without consent. Questions were raised around the implementation into education institutions to address this issue and potential solutions.

There were two sessions dedicated to content creation/distribution and consumption: “The Effect of Real-Time on Content” and “How do Platforms Change Content Consumption?” Matt Frehner, the first-ever mobile editor at the Globe and Mail discussed very briefly on the direction of where they are going in terms of delivery of content through mobile platforms and even the iPad. Frehner says that a lot of their traffic comes from Facebook. Consumption patterns are different based on the device the content is consumed on.

The first day of the Mesh Conference hit it out of the park. What’s giving me that “tingly feeling” is that tomorrow is going to be even better! From keynotes from the President of Paypal, Scott Thompson, LinkedIn’s Vice President of International, Arvind Rajan and seminars from CEO of Social Media Group, Maggie Fox, Day 2 is going to be amazing.