meshU Hits the Ground Running

meshU is a one-day event of focused workshops on design, development and team management. The purpose of the conference is to bridge the gap between the formation of the idea and implementation to create a viable, sustainable business. The workshops provide for practical information that can be applied in startups.

The keynote for meshU was Bill Buxton, the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research with more than 30 years of experience in the field of research. With a captivating presentation, there were a few hidden gems that made the audience think deeper. On the discussion of user experience and behaviour, Buxton states that “You’re designing behaviour, not just a computer.” This isn’t limited to just computers per se. When building a website, determine what is the objective of the platform? Is the objective to capture emails in order to funnel prospects in a sales cycle? Or is the objective to engage the user to comment and share the content? Buxton teases with suggestions and mindsets that can develop into startups that hit it big.

After Buxton’s keynote, the workshops that proceeded were based on the three components which are critical from the perspective of the founders of the conference: design, development, and team management. A few of the seminars that complemented Buxton’s presentation were Meredith Noble of Usability Matters with “Principles of Design” to “Scaling Your Tech Team” with Joe Stump, SimpleGeo.

Here are some takeaways from #meshu2010 / #meshu:

On May 18-19, Mesh Conference will be held at MaRS Discovery District. This year, the conference is sold out with more than 25 different presentations. If you can’t make it out this year, stay glued to the #mesh2010 hashtag and look out for coverage here as well as other media across Toronto.

Are you attending Mesh Conference? What presentations are you looking foreward to?